Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Birthday, Ed!

As many of you know, Ed is not on Facebook so even though today is his birthday, he won't be the beneficiary of that wonderful Facebook crowd of birthday wishes.

So here's the thing. If you leave a comment for him on THIS blog post, he will see it. You'll have to be signed in to your Google ID in order to comment, but that's pretty easy to do. (PLUS you will save me the hassle of passing my phone to Ed every half hour or so as greetings arrive!)

And remember, that if you figure out how to comment an "anonymous" (which is possible),  he won't know who you are unless you identify yourself directly in your comment, something like, "Hi Ed, This is Bob V. and I'm . . . ." You get the idea.

I hope you will send a word or two his way on his birthday today.



Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 65: Added support

Work on the northwest corner continues. In order to tie the old to the new a steel bracket was put into place to make sure the two will hold together. If the materials were both new the two pieces of timber could have been pinned with wooden dowels as the original timbers were connected.  

Support Bracket

The boards on the barn were falling off as the hole in the photo above will attest to. A lift was brought in so the workers can lean in and renail the boards.

Lift used to secure siding.
more work

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 64: Work on the west and north walls

Because I wasn't there I really don't know how this photo was gotten. The light pattern is fantastic. What it does show is the west end of the barn still has a few boards that need to be replaced. That is the large areas of light. My guess is someone climbed a scaffold
Light Pattern
The photo below shows more work on the timber that holds the northwest corner. In earlier posts this whole area is open to the sky. Now it has a new timber and roof and roof boards in place.

New Header Beam


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 63: Fixing the bad corner

Well it was mentioned some time ago, but the fourth corner, the northwest , had some real issues. The corner was so badly rotted that part of the corner post didn't exist any more. Below you see the cut away of the timber near the base. It's amazing that the corner still stood. That's a testament to how well the barn was crafted.

Center of old beam
Well, the corner must be fixed. a new timber is put in place so once again the corner can carry its share of the weight.

New beam lashed in place

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Day 62: More about the roof

The roof work continues. Of special interest to me in this photo is the bow in of the wall. The bow was larger, but Roger was able to pull it back to a 16" deflection in. But the rafters have been built out so visually the bow should be a little less noticeable.
Roof overhang

Now to a photo similar to one you'll see often. The light coming through the separation is just too hard to resist and not put up again and again. But there is a good reason here and that is the opening at the peak of the roof. When the roof is complete it will look the same. Roger is planning to put a transparent cap on the roof which will let more light into to second floor of the barn. That added light should be of great help during the day. Also it might create some interest with the lights on in the black of the night.
Peak of roof

Monday, May 13, 2013

Day 61: The new roof continues

Building or in this case rebuilding does, as oft mentioned here, have to fit in between the rain drops. Friday was a rain out. It's kind of hard to work in the rain, but on a roof with a 34 degree pitch it's absolutely dangerous. So today the work continued as the sun shone. Here you see the purlins almost all in place on the south side. But what of more interest to me is how you can tell the difference between the wood nailed down on Thursday and what was done today. Notice the west quarter or so, the purlins are a few shades darker than the rest. All of this lumber was off the same load. That is the effect of rain and sun over just three days.

Two toned roof
Now a look at how much the barn is being moved back into place. The gap between the stone wall and wood sill will evidentially be filled with mortar. But for now the gap shows how the barn has been moved.

"Hole" in the wall

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 60: More Roof Work

The roof will take some time to tear apart and put back together so it can be finished. So we may have a few too many days talking about the roof, but we'll try to keep it interesting and informative.

North side with roof stripped

Here is the south side with some of the new boards put in place to help fix up weak spots in the roof structure. It is not noticeable yet, but one on the things that will be done is straighten out the front edge of the barn roof. The wall still has a bulge to the south, but the roof can help that look better by being straight.

Rebuild work started